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Automatic wireless power grid

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In the automatic wireless power grid automation of systems has become the demand of the day. Newer technology has made everything automatic and self repairable. In fact most of the developed systems are impossible to be controlled by human beings. There are many advantages of automation, first and most common human errors are eliminated, speed of operation becomes very fast and most advantageous is that the cost gets reduced. In this system we are controlling a power grid and different units are controlled on the basis of time. The control unit and the execution unit are wirelessly connected over RF protocol.

In this kit automatic wireless power grid we are controlling the grids with the help of PC. Actually the transmitting end is interfaced to the PC USB port. As we press the button on the computer it generates signals and sends them to the microcontroller and sends it to input section of RF transmitter where it is encoded and transmitted with help of antenna.

In this kit automatic wireless power grid now the sent signal will be received by the receiver section and decoded with the help of decoder. Later on, this decoded signal will be send to the relay driver and the execution takes place. And on the basis of the output generated by the microcontroller the relay which is connected to the particular appliance either get energize or de-energize. This leads to the switching. This system is also introducing the use of embedded technology and its importance in electronics. It can be extended according to the requirements. Controlling variable is time. In the duration of 24 hours, we will allot different time slots to each unit. On proper time, the relays will be activated automatically and corresponding unit will get activated.

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