Biometric Fingerprint Identification System


This kit biometric fingerprint identification is designed to make the lockers more secure, reliable and fault free. At the time of registration for the system, the valid users need to register themselves with their user fingerprint. Hence, the database will be created for the valid users only. If some user wants to open the locker, he will have to scan his fingerprint and if the authentication is done, the locker will be opened. It can be closed by pressing a switch on the device.

A fingerprint scanner is mounted on the front end of this kit. During registration, the user of the locker will have to register his fingerprint by placing his finger on the scanner. The data from the scanner is converted to digital form and stored by the micro-controller.

At the time the user wants to access the locker, the microcontroller will ask the user to place his finger for verification. If the fingerprints match the digital database, the locker gets opened.

Image: Biometric Fingerprint Identification System


Technology should be used to secure and develop our daily life using resources that cannot be duplicated for eg. biometrics. Governments all over the world are trying to use the biometrics of their citizens to create better systems and secured place to exist.

Working principle

  • Optical fingerprint recognition module fingerprint reader R305

Image: Finger Print Module R305

This is an optical biometric fingerprint reader/sensor (R305) module with TTL UART interface for direct connections to a microcontroller UART. The user can store the fingerprint data in the module and can configure it in 1:1 or 1: N mode for identifying the person. This module can directly interface with any 3.3V or 5V microcontrollers, but a suitable level converter/serial adapter is required for interfacing with the serial port of a PC.

Working Principle

Fingerprint processing includes two parts, fingerprint enrollment and fingerprint matching (the matching can be 1:1 or 1: N). When enrolling, the user needs to enter the finger two times. The system will process the two-time finger images, generate a template of the finger based on processing results and store the template. When matching, the user enters the finger through optical sensor and system will generate a template of the finger and compare it with templates of the finger library.

For 1:1 matching, system will compare the live finger with specific template designated in the Module; for 1: N matching, or searching, the system will search the whole finger library for the matching finger. In both circumstances, the system will return the matching result, success or failure.


Image: Finger Print Module hardware spec

Brief Description

The kit is powered using a 12V adapter. All the required components are mounted and soldered on a predesigned PCB.Each switch is related to a particular function like new user registration, unlock by existing user and reset the user etc.

Depending on the function, any switch can be pressed and by following the instructions on the LCD screen, we will have to place the finger on the biometric scanner. The data is sent to the microcontroller which reads the data and takes the action accordingly.

Major Components List

  • R-305 Finger Print Scanner​
  • Micro-Controller (AVR)​
  • LCD 16x2​
  • Rectifier​
  • Resistors and Capacitors


Video link for the kit demo:


Block Diagram:

Image: Block Diagram


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