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Four Axis Hydraulics JCB

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This Project, “Four Axis Hydraulics JCB using Syringe with Motor and Crawler”, demonstrates a simple four axis JCB excavator’s big arm. Arm mounted on front side of flat plate form can move up and down. All movements are connected by syringes. These syringes are connected with elastic transparent pipe. Hydraulic Pressure is generated in these syringes by the Liquid. In industrial level, mostly oil is used to create hydraulic pressure but we use water.

Here, we have used DC Motors for pulling and pushing the syringe lever instead of manual operation. These motors operate with 12 volt dc powered supply using switches. Excavators are heavy construction equipment consisting of a boom, stick, bucket and cab on a rotating platform. It has 4 axis mobility and is capable to pick and place any object. Due to high cost and less availability hydraulic pumps and pistons, we have put our idea in the real life scenario using medical syringes as hydraulic piston.

This model reaches the great distances to deliver and picks up the heaviest possible object, rotates as well as reaches, grabs, digs and recovers objects.

1. 12V Adapter is provided as a power source.

2. DPDT Switch is provided to control the direction of DC Motor rotation.

3. Design Software: CATIA.

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