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High Pass Filter using RC Circuit.

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Filter circuits are used to filter the undesired frequency components of the signal. High pass filter allows the high frequency component while attenuates the low frequency components. Here we are having two different types of signals one is from dc and other is from ac. The dc has zero frequency while the ac (stepped down with transformer) is having a particular frquency. Generaly it is 50-60 Hz. As we turn on the switch with dc source , (s3) the zero frequency component is passed to the circuit. As we know that the capacitor does not allows the low frequency , hence the led doesn't glow. As we turn on the s1( transfromer) the capacitor allows to pass the high frequecy component across it and hence led gets turned on. Overall our circuit works as high pass filter.

Package Includes:

ReadyMade Kits

    1. 1. Readymade, in working condition "Realising High Pass Filter using RC Circuit." School level Project
    2. 2. Power Source will not provide
    3. 3. Full documentation, includes Circuit diagrams, Components list, Testing document etc.
    4. 4. Videos is available on YouTube, No separate CD will be provided. 

KnockDown Kits

    1. 1. Complete Kits, including relevant paper Circuit, Battery Cap, Passive Components, Sensors, Modules etc.
    2. 2. Full documentation, includes Circuit diagrams, Components list, Testing document etc.
    3. 3. Videos is available on YouTube, No separate CD will be provided.
Package Excludes:
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