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Intelligent train system

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In the kit intelligent train system the idea is whenever any engine observes a red signal on its track it will start decreasing its speed gradually and stops automatically at some distance from the signal pole. After then when it gets green signal the driver can manually start the train and go on. In the mean time when train has not stopped yet and a red signal becomes green then it crosses the signal pole with low speed and then driver can slowly increase the speed.

The kit intelligent train system is divided in two parts first one is Transmitter and other is Receiver end. The transmitter is housed in signal pole and it is activated only when red light is ON. The receiver is housed in engine which senses the IR signals and takes suitable action. In this kit we have used to design a unit to automatic location display.  

In the kit intelligent train system there are unique tag installed at various locations at the various places on the poles. Each tag is a unique identity to the location. The train will be providing with the receiver unit. As the train will traverse the place as soon as he comes in range of the tag unit the identity will be displayed on the device and so on. However more information can be added but due to controller constraint we have only showed place identity.

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