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Pneumatic Car

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This Project, “Pneumatic Car”, demonstrates the application of compressed air as a source of energy and as a non-polluting fuel in driving an automobile. It is a compressed-air vehicle (CAV) powered by an air engine, using compressed air, which is stored in a tank. Instead of mixing fuel with air and burning it in the engine to drive pistons with hot expanding gases; compressed-air vehicles use the expansion of compressed air to drive their pistons.

It is hard to believe that compressed air can be used to drive vehicles. However that is true, and the “air car”, as it is popularly known, has caught the attention of researchers worldwide. Although it seems to be an environmentally-friendly solution, one must consider its well to wheel efficiency. The electricity requirement for compressing air has to be considered while computing overall efficiency. Nevertheless, the compressed air vehicle will contribute to reducing urban air pollution in the long run.

This project uses simple components like pneumatic cylinder, dc air compressor, solenoid valve, timing circuit and wheels to realize the concept and also execute different engineering concepts combined together to work as a single system.

1. Timing Circuit is provided to control the solenoid valve and flow of compressed air.

2. 12V Battery is provided.

3. Design Software: CATIA.

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